Coaches and other officials give plenty of quotes before, during and after games. Some of those quotes are just plain lip-service so we break down what they really meant to say.

MARK RICHT “I guess this Gurley fella is pretty good. For the longest time I was confused why people were mad I didn’t give him the ball more against South Carolina. Now I guess it makes sense. Looking back I still can’t believe we lost to that team. Maybe Spurrier does just have my number.”

KEVIN SUMLIN “I run Texas and it’s not even close. For me to go into Jerry World and come out with a victory just proves that I own this state. I’m a little surprised Jerry Jones didn’t walk down on the field and offer me the Cowboys head coach job after I beat his Arkansas team.”

GARY PINKEL “I have no idea how that happened. We lost to Indiana last week. Indiana. Apparently the East is that bad. No one expected us to be able to come in here and get a win after we lost to a terrible Big 10 team.

MARK STOOPS “WE NO LONGER HAVE THE LONGEST CONFERENCE LOSING STREAK! Mad props to Vanderbilt for going another week without scoring an offensive touchdown.”

STEVE SPURRIER “Yes, I do have a hit out on Maty Mauk. I wanted to throw down right there but my headset got caught on the trainer’s table. That punk has it coming.

BUTCH JONES “After a loss like that, I just have to keep saying ‘brick by brick’. Mainly because I’ve committed to that saying since the beginning of my tenure. I’m just really confused with the Worley Bird. Maybe we’ll make him wear that elbow pad thing the rest of the year because it seemed to make him throw much better passes, so yeah, expect that.”

GUS MALZAHN “We looked really mediocre against Louisiana Tech. I’m not sure how you score that many points, beat a team by that much and still look meh, but we did it. Another ‘w’ but wow do we look beatable.”

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