LSU may be the top SEC team — and overall team — in most rankings at this point in the season, but there’s still one metric that has the Tigers behind one of their conference rivals.

On Sunday, ESPN’s updated SP+ ratings, which are determined by a computer, were released. While Ohio State held on to the top spot overall, Alabama remained in second with LSU behind it in third.

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The SP+ rankings don’t give credit for big wins or tough schedules and instead is “simply a measure of the most sustainable and predictable aspects of football.” Teams can go down if it is unimpressive in a win or up if it impresses in a loss.

The Crimson Tide improved to 9-1 on Saturday with a 38-7 road win over Mississippi State, while the Tigers are now 10-0 after their 58-37 road win at Ole Miss.

However, SP+ also does not take injuries into account. Alabama’s season took a bad turn on Saturday when quarterback Tua Tagovailoa suffered a season-ending hip injury.

After Week 12, here’s how the SEC teams are ranked by SP+ (overall ranking in parentheses):

  1. Alabama (2)
  2. LSU (3)
  3. Georgia (5)
  4. Florida (9)
  5. Auburn (11)
  6. Texas A&M (17)
  7. Missouri (30)
  8. Tennessee (38)
  9. South Carolina (41)
  10. Kentucky (49)
  11. Ole Miss (53)
  12. Mississippi State (54)
  13. Arkansas (100)
  14. Vanderbilt (108)