Alabama and LSU are ranked Nos. 1 and 2 in the updated AP Top 25 poll that came out on Sunday. However, the Crimson Tide and Tigers aren’t the top two teams in every ranking through seven weeks of the college football season.

ESPN’s SP+ ratings, which are determined by a computer, were updated Sunday, and there are some big differences between those and the AP poll.

Despite not playing this week, Ohio State is now No. 1 in the SP+ rankings. Alabama is at No. 2, while LSU is No. 5 behind Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

However, some SEC teams are ranked better in the SP+ rankings. That includes Missouri, which came in at No. 10.

The SP+ rankings don’t give credit for big wins or tough schedules and instead is “simply a measure of the most sustainable and predictable aspects of football.” Teams can go down if it is unimpressive in a win or up if it impresses in a loss.

With that in mind, here’s how the SEC teams are ranked (overall ranking in parentheses):

  1. Alabama (2)
  2. LSU (5)
  3. Georgia (7)
  4. Missouri (10)
  5. Florida (11)
  6. Auburn (12)
  7. Texas A&M (23)
  8. South Carolina (31)
  9. Mississippi State (35)
  10. Tennessee (47)
  11. Ole Miss (50)
  12. Kentucky (61)
  13. Arkansas (75)
  14. Vanderbilt (94)