For college football fans who want to know what the smartest folks in the desert think of their team heading into Week 11, Phil Steele is the go-to source. Steele, who has contacts at Las Vegas sportsbooks, compiles ratings which he says, “closely resemble Vegas’s numbers.” The college football guru recently shared his latest Vegas Power Ratings.

Steele has updated his Vegas Ratings for all 130 FBS teams ahead of Week 11. The difference between two teams’ Vegas Ratings gives an idea of what the opening betting line would be if they played Saturday on a neutral field. Here’s where the 14 SEC teams stand heading into Week 11:

  • Georgia – No. 1 overall ranking (138.48 Vegas Rating)
  • Alabama – No. 2 (134.61)
  • Texas A&M – No. 6 (123.16)
  • Auburn – No. 14 (119.92)
  • Ole Miss – No. 15 (119.61)
  • Florida – No. 18 (117.75)
  • Arkansas – No. 20 (117.12)
  • Mississippi State – No. 26 (116.31)
  • Tennessee – No. 28 (115.87)
  • Kentucky – No. 30 (115.58)
  • LSU – No. 32 (115.15)
  • Missouri – No. 82 (103.03)
  • South Carolina – No. 86 (102.08)
  • Vanderbilt – No. 122 (86.68)

As for the power ratings not reflecting prior results on the field, here’s what Steele says, using Oregon’s win over Ohio State as an example:

You will notice this week that Ohio State is rated #3 and Oregon is #10. You will say, but Oregon beat Ohio State on the road by a TD and both teams have the same record so how can Ohio State be rated higher? This is not an AP ranking and perhaps head to head an AP voter would have to vote Oregon. If Ohio State played Oregon again this week at a neutral site the Buckeyes who were favored by 15 at home would be favored by 10.6 at a neutral site this week.

Vegas Ratings for all 130 FBS teams can be found on Steele’s website.