The clamor for College Football Playoff expansion grew Tuesday when The Athletic published a story in which Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said he’d be open to discussing the issue.

Paul Finebaum appeared on Wednesday’s edition of “Outside The Lines” to give some insight on the situation and why Delany’s comments represent “a seismic shift in college athletics.” You can hear Finebaum’s thoughts in the video below.

Finebaum said Delany is more influential on other conference commissioners than even NCAA president Mark Emmert, which makes Delany’s openness to CFP expansion even more noteworthy. While he has championed the current format since its institution in 2014, Delany’s shift in beliefs could prompt changes quicker than anticipated.

“I think others will follow suit,” Finebaum said. “There is a movement afoot. It takes that type of action for these gentlemen and ladies (in charge of the CFP) to sit down.”

The next time that happens will be the morning of the national championship game on Jan. 7, though Finebaum doesn’t believe any permanent changes would be made then.

“I don’t think they’ll make a decision that day, but I think they are moving toward blowing up what we currently have at four and letting other people under the tent,” he said. “I think the time is now.”