You hear it around college football all the time as a point of pride. Churn out enough All-Americans or NFL draft picks at a certain position, and you get to claim the title. LSU proudly calls itself Defensive Back U. Penn State lays claim to Linebacker U, although schools like Florida State and Ohio State nip at the Nittany Lions’ heels.

Nationally, Southern California likely lays claim to Wide Receiver U, as the Trojans place players on All-America lists seemingly every year. Who in the SEC holds that title over the last decade?

To figure it out, we did some simple tallying. We looked back at the last 10 recruiting cycles (2006-15), seasons and NFL drafts (2005-14). Each four- or five-star wide receiver recruit a school signed earned a half-point, each AP first-team All-SEC selection earned two points, AP All-American selections were worth four points and NFL draft picks were worth three.

In the cases of Missouri and Texas A&M, both of which joined the conference in 2012, we included any AP first-team Big 12 selections from 2006-11.

Here’s how that scoring shook out:

Team 4- and 5-star signees 1st team All-SEC AP All-Americans NFL draft picks Total points
Alabama 16 2 2 2 26
Arkansas 6 2 1 6 29
Auburn 8 0 0 3 13
Florida 16 2 0 6 30
Georgia 11 2 0 6 27.5
Kentucky 2 0 0 1 2
LSU 19 0 0 11 42.5
Miss. State 4 0 0 0 2
Missouri 2 4 1 3 23
Ole Miss 11 1 0 2 13.5
South Carolina 6 4 1 6 33
Tennessee 15 2 1 4 33.5
Texas A&M 11 1 1 1 14.5
Vanderbilt 1 4 1 2 18.5

It shouldn’t be any surprise that LSU crushes the rest of the SEC by a wide margin. Reigning NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Odell Beckham Jr. and former running mate Jarvis Landry are fresh in everyone’s mind after the way they tore up the pros this season. It’s not just those two, though. LSU has nearly double the number of players drafted over the last decade of any other SEC team.

It’s a remarkable phenomenon, considering the struggles the Tigers have had at quarterback for much of the last decade under Les Miles. Save for a Jamarcus Russell season here or Zach Mettenberger season there, LSU has been a run-dominant offense. Yet every year, top wideouts flock to Baton Rouge.

Tennessee came the closest to LSU, finishing nine points behind the leaders. While the majority of the Volunteers’ touted recruits haven’t panned out, Robert Meachem played his way to All-SEC and All-America status, while four players have made their way to the NFL.

In a bit of a surprise, South Carolina finished third on the list, just behind Tennessee, in large part thanks to their six receivers drafted over the last 10 seasons, including first round selection Troy Williamson. On top of that, Alshon Jeffery is one of the eight SEC receivers to make an appearance on the AP’s All-America team over the last decade.