Florida’s Jim McElwain and Tennessee’s Butch Jones are sitting on college football’s hottest seats.

McElwain is coming off of a terrible week that included accusing fans of sending death threats to him, his family and his players (while giving no proof), as well as a blowout loss to rival Georgia, and reports surfaced during the game that UF was weighing options to fire him soon.

Jones and Tennessee are coming off of a loss to Kentucky, the latest in a disastrous season.

It doesn’t get much worse for either coach or program at this point, and both coaches could conceivably be fired at anytime on Sunday.

But which coach will get canned first?

Paul Finebaum spent the last couple days around the Florida fans and administration in Jacksonville, and he hopped on SportsCenter Sunday morning to discuss whether McElwain or Jones will be fired first.

“I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but Butch Jones may be in better shape than Jim McElwain,” Finebaum said. “I was in Jacksonville on Friday and Saturday, and the animosity toward him from the fan base and from people in that administration is way way up here.”

Finebaum mentioned Will Grier’s transfer, and he also added, “It’s just some of the quirky bizarre things that he has said. And most recently Monday when he came out and talked about death threats and he could not back them up. I’m told the president just threw up his hands and said, ‘We have to do something here.'”

Yes, despite back-to-back SEC East division crowns, Finebaum knows Florida’s program deserves better.

“Florida thinks it’s Alabama, and why? Because they are Alabama. They’ve won national championships; they’ve competed at the highest level; they do not accept anything other than excellence, and Jim McElwain isn’t bringing them that.”

It’s going to be an interesting Sunday.