Week 10 in the SEC was about the big dogs getting to the food dish early, while some of the league’s weaker squads were starving. There were plenty of winners, plenty of losers and even a little history. Here’s the recap of who’s on top and who’s not in the week that was.


Sarah Fuller

Yes, it was the squib kick heard around the world. The Vanderbilt women’s soccer player did her job, which is more than you could say for most of her male Commodore teammates. In the process she became the first woman to play in an SEC game, or in any Power 5 game. Props to Fuller and Vandy for giving us something positive and affirming in this bizarre year. One significant glass ceiling was broken. It may be a while before we see a female linebacker or quarterback. But it’s a lot more plausible now than it was a week ago and that’s Fuller’s impact in a nutshell. Now get her on the scoreboard in the next two weeks, Commodores!

Mac Jones

Score one for the ol’ Alabama game manager. His head coach was out due to COVID-19 and Auburn had a ton to gain and little to lose in the Iron Bowl. Still, Jones just did what he has done all year — got the ball to his playmakers in space and looked like a really good college football player. Good enough for us.

Ryan Walters

Barry Odom took his walking papers from Mizzou and vastly improved the Arkansas defense. The funny thing is that Walters, who stayed behind in CoMo, promptly did the same thing for the Tigers as defensive coordinator. Missouri might be the feel-good story of the 2020 SEC season and a ton of the credit goes to a defense that looked pretty mediocre at the start of the season, but has steadily rallied to quietly become one of the better groups in the SEC.

Kyle Pitts

Yes, his name has been here before. The Florida tight end is literally a target you can’t account for. He’s bigger than your DBs, he’s faster than your linebackers and he has phenomenal skills with the ball. Frankly, he’s an NFL player who is still playing on Saturday, as his three touchdowns on Saturday attested. Enjoy it while you can.

Texas A&M defense

On a night when the Aggie offense was stuck in first gear, the defense held LSU to a touchdown. More important, they scored a touchdown of their own, made another crucial interception and just shut LSU down on the ground. A&M didn’t look pretty doing it, but they avoided a potentially crucial loss.

Elijah Moore

The Ole Miss wide receiver’s stat line against Mississippi State: 12 catches, 139 yards, 0 urinating dog celebrations, 1 win. And he set a school record for catches in a season (in 8 games).



The Tigers wasted a fine defensive effort against the Aggies, largely due to some untimely turnovers and just poor execution. This might not be the farthest a national champion has fallen in the year after… but it has to be in that hunt.



The chasm between the Tigers and the Crimson Tide won’t bode well for the Gus Bus. The Auburn offense has been ponderous and underwhelming. The defense is talented, but not any great shakes. In general, Auburn plays like they have somewhere else they’d rather be.

Kentucky’s offense

It has been bad all year. But after playing Florida competitively for a half, the UK offense’s second half went like this: Punt, interception, punt, turnover on downs, interception, interception. The longest Kentucky drive of the second half was 5 plays, and it covered 25 yards.

Texas A&M’s playoff chances

There’s no real way the Aggies sneak into the College Football Playoff. It’s Bama out of the SEC, and if Florida upsets Bama, then maybe it’s both of them, or it’s Florida over Bama. But Texas A&M got smacked by Bama. And games like Saturday’s ho-hum 20-7 win over LSU don’t do anything to establish the Aggies as deserving of the last CFP spot over Clemson or Ohio State, for instance.

South Carolina

Just brutal. In under 13 minutes, the Gamecocks trailed Georgia 21-0, and there wasn’t much of a chance of seeing anything different from that point on. Yes, South Carolina is a team that lost a bunch of players to opt-outs and now is playing without its head coach. Still, this was a going-through-the-motions special.


Alabama coach Nick Saban beat it once. COVID-19 sidelined him for the rematch, but took the L. Saban admitted after the Iron Bowl game that he did yell at the TV a little. Just like the rest of us.