On Sunday, Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports published season No. 15 of his Forde-Yard Dash, in which he offered up six fearless predictions for 2018 that he claims you can bet the bank on.

Play Underdog For Heat-Celtics Game 6! Who ya got?


Forde also released his 2018 college football playoff prediction:

No. 1 Clemson vs. No. 4 Washington in the Orange Bowl

Forde expects the Tigers to roll through the regular season undefeated behind their experienced defense and talented freshman quarterback, Trevor Lawrence. Forde has Washington beating Auburn, “by three points more” in September that the Bulldogs beat Auburn in November, which gets them into the playoff.

Orange Bowl winner: Clemson

No. 2 Alabama vs. No. 3 Wisconsin in the Cotton Bowl

Forde says that Alabama’s young defense will mature as the season goes on and that the one-loss Crimson Tide will beat out Georgia for the SEC title. Forde has Wisconsin losing to Michigan on the road before getting their revenge in the Big Ten championship.

Cotton Bowl winner: Alabama

CFP title game: Clemson over Alabama

“Sorry if that sounds repetitious,” said Forde. “But this is the college football world we live in.”

The first thing that people will probably ask when they see Forde’s predictions are, “where is Georgia in the playoff?”

Forde notes that the Bulldogs are plenty good enough to return to the championship in 2018, but that scheduling is what’s holding them back. If Alabama takes down Georgia in the SEC Title game and the Washington-Auburn situational that was previously mentioned occurs, Forde expects the ‘Dawgs to miss out on the final four.