NCAA responds to South Carolina’s ‘impermissible decorative icing’ on cake

NCAA Football: South Carolina at LSU

South Carolina’s ‘Icing Gate’ has created one of the more interesting conversations the last few days.

The Gamecocks’ football program recently reported seven secondary violations. Among the seven was the infamous Icing Gate. The Gamecocks self-reported the infraction from last winter involving ‘impermissible iced decorations’ on cookie cakes given to prospects.

Emily James, who’s on the NCAA’s PR team, responded to the self-reported violation via Twitter, and she said it will process the violation.

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  • Good job covering your “already running for the hills because you’re a complete joke” butt NCAA.

  • Oh yes NOW it isn’t a concern. NCAA is already dead it just keeps trundling along as a zombie.

  • Why is this even a rule is my question? The NCAA paid someone to come up with this, then approved it as a rule. What a freakin joke!

  • Just a random crazy idea here, but….

    Why don’t all the D1 conferences have a big ole meeting and decided to create their own governing body and say the h#ll with the NCAA……then kick them in the stomach, as they bend over grabbing show ’em double birds with both hands, then give them the Stone Cold Stunner, and proceed to slam two busch lights together and drink at the same time……..or has someone already thought of that already???

  • Coach Spurrier is leary of the NCAA Infractions Committee knowing how fickle they are. No wonder he reported the cup cake icing. Just get rid of the NCAA and CFB will be better off. I am certain there are good peiple who would enforce policy consistently for all teams. The NCAA is just a money grubbing bad joke.