Will Muschamp visited the Lexington County Gamecock Club Wednesday night in The Zone at Williams-Brice Stadium.

He addressed multiple questions from media and the fans, and one in particular from a fan caught our attention. South Carolina’s head coach was asked if the Gamecocks would be interested in opening a future season in Atlanta.

Muschamp then singled out two markets that he considers to be “in-state” — Charlotte and Atlanta, and he also noted that the program has discussed a potential kickoff game in Orlando, too.

“Well we are always and Coach Tanner could answer that question better than I could, but we’re trying to be very aggressive with our schedule,” Muschamp said, via 247Sports. The two places that out of state recruiting that I consider in-state is Charlotte and Atlanta. We are very aggressive in talking about the opportunity to open in Atlanta. We think that is very important for us and it’s a huge rerouting area for us and would give us tremendous exposure. Not just us, a lot of people are vying for that opportunity. Coach and I have talked numerous times about having the ability to create that exposure for us. I would welcome it, obviously.

“Charles Waddell and Coach Tanner are in charge of the scheduled and it’s hard getting these schedules together. The SEC continues to talk about a possible 9-game schedule and also switching in not just having A&M and a rotation opponent, but possibly two or possibly three (rotating). There is a lot of what-ifs going on out there which makes it more difficult on those guys making the schedules. We want to be aggressive as far as that’s concerned. We’ve even talked about playing down in Orlando, a possibly for that to open the season.”

Interestingly, the Belk Bowl was an embarrassing loss for the Gamecocks in Charlotte. The Virginia Cavaliers torched USC 28-0. The Gamecocks did open the 2017 season with a win over N.C. State in Charlotte 35-28.

The Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game in Atlanta would be an awesome venue for the Gamecocks to start a future season. Atlanta is one of the hubs of SEC recruiting, including USC.