Watch as Jadeveon Clowney destroys an Atlanta Falcons’ running back

NFL: Preseason-Atlanta Falcons at Houston Texans

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  • wow…….that is ONE badass tackle in the PRESEASON….put him in the hall of fame. clowney is one of the most over hyped players to come along since um ryan leaf.

    • Yeah, you’re right. Clowney isn’t any good…

      Made that NFL OL look like a fool

    • Yep, with every hit, you find a different excuse to badmouth the most dominate player to kick the taters ass in a century of football.

      Next week, you’ll say it was back up running back, or maybe the QB was too slow, or yada yada yada.

  • The whole SEC brotherhood loves this. Can we see the Henry Josie footage too?

  • Love these Comments! Got to be Clemson fans. Hey WE BEAT YOU! FIVE TIMES! High FIVE! Go find a ACC page and just maybe they’ll give you some cheese with all that winning!

  • OK, it was a good hit, in the preseason. Not a spectacular play, not even close to the great hit he had against Michigan. So, let’s not appoint him the heir apparent to Michael Strahan or Reggie White or L.T. just yet.

  • C’mon now, let’s not over-state the greatness of this hit. It was,plain and simple, a missed blocking assignment by the OL…my grandma could have made that hit, and she’s dead! This, coming from a Clowney fan.

    • I don’t think it was a missed assignment. 63 is supposed to pick him up, but Clowney’s initial burst is just too fast. That’s actually what happened on the Michigan hit too. Neither play was a blown assignment, except in the sense that Clowney’s acceleration off the line was so quick that it looked like no one tried to pick him up.

  • Looks more like the pulling guard missed his blocking assignment….

  • The 2″ hits Clowney hve gotten thus far,no one cared to block him…Hmm.Not tht he beat anyone off the ball,but no one was thr.So he did just wht he’s getting paid to do…

    • Sooooo many haters lol. If Clowney would’ve played for Bama or Lsu I bet he wouldn’t have been so bad mouthed, but because he played for Scar… Listen, Clowney was a great player in College and there is a reason why the experts figured him to be a first round draft pick. Ok, so his stats weren’t the best, but they see a lot of greatness in him, and he is making big plays already. Ya, it’s preseason, but this is the PROS. I say give it some time and we will see a great NFL DE year in and out

  • I’m a LSU and Saints fan and I LOVE Clowney. I was so excited to see him go first in the Draft. Okay, so this wasn’t the Michigan hit, but if this is a precursor to what will happen on the field during the regular season and then you add J.J. Watt…consider me a Texans fan.

  • Im a falcons fan and i will say this….DAMN that was a nice hit. Regardless if it were preseason, regardless of anything b/c that was both the first teams out there. it was a great hit.