Dawn Staley, head coach of the No. 1 South Carolina women’s basketball team, was born in Philadelphia.

For her and Philly residents past and present, Sunday is a big day, as the Eagles will take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII.

With the Gamecocks taking on No. 3 LSU, Staley has a huge game of her own on Sunday afternoon in Columbia. But she’s still showing love to the Birds, rocking a Randall Cunningham Eagles jersey for the contest:

This isn’t the first time Staley has shown her love for the Eagles in the buildup to the Super Bowl. On Feb. 2 against Kentucky, she wore a classic Reggie White Eagles jersey. On Feb. 5 at UConn, she wore an Eagles hoodie.

It’s safe to say she’s picking the Eagles in Sunday’s Super Bowl. Can her squad get the job done? Tune in to FOX at 6:30 p.m. Eastern time to find out!