NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders was one of the few two-sport stars in the history of professional sports. Sanders had an electrifying career in the NFL for 14 seasons, while also excelling at playing outfield in pro baseball for nine.

Now, Sanders’ son, Shilo, is on football scholarship at the University of South Carolina. Sanders was a 3-star freshman who redshirted in 2019, and it appears that he wanted to play baseball for the Gamecocks, too. However, that doesn’t look like it will happen this spring.

Deion expressed his frustration on social media about the language USC head coach Mark Kingston used when asked about Shilo playing baseball.

“He’s been working tirelessly to get ready for his baseball tryout that only consisted of about 30 swings in the cage which I have all the footage,” Deion wrote on Twitter. “If you’re gonna kill a kids dream please don’t say it was suicide.”

The Athletic’s Josh Kendall shared Kingston’s full comments on the subject following Sanders’ tweet.

“He won’t be on our team this year,” Kingston said. “He’s trying to work his way up on the football team. He’s a guy who has some baseball talent, and we’ve watched him take some batting practice, but right now he’s still full-time football.”

Sanders, like his father, plays outfield and did display some power in high school.

While having already signed at South Carolina for football, Sanders was asked about playing baseball for the Gamecocks last May.

“I don’t want to try baseball,” Sanders told The State, “I want to play baseball.”

It appears that Sanders will have to wait at least another year before getting his shot on the diamond.