You’ve watched Marcus Lattimore on the field. Now prepare to catch him on the silver screen.

The former South Carolina running back will make his acting debut in a film called “Faiths Song” by playing himself as a pastor. As The State reports, the film is a Christian movie that was shot throughout South Carolina. It is scheduled to be released to a limited number of theaters in November, after premieres in Columbia and Charleston in October.

“It’s about a young girl. Her faith is tested when her parents are killed in a car crash,” Lattimore told WACH-Fox. “What’s so powerful about that, it can relate to so many Americans when you go through adversity. Will you stand firm on God’s word? I feel like that’s the message that we’re trying to get across.”

Want to see Lattimore in action? You can watch a clip below.

You have to admire Lattimore’s versatility here. After his playing career ended, he graduated from South Carolina and became an assistant football coach at a Columbia high school. Now he has added acting to his resume. Impressive, indeed.