Construction is ongoing down in Columbia as the 2020 Williams-Brice Stadium project continues to progress looking ahead to the upcoming football season.

The upgrades are part of an initiative by South Carolina to reward season ticket holders.

Here are the three pledge states being offered up by South Carolina when it comes to the 2020 Williams-Brice Stadium project:

  • have the first right to stay in their seating area and will be provided a discount on the purchase of each existing season ticket that they have in the area until the 2022 season;
  • have an early option to re-select seats in the stadium if they’d like to move thanks to the Fan’s Choice pre-selection process, an early selection window designed to accommodate these fans;
  • have the opportunity to relocate to a seat in the stadium’s lower level at, or below, the price they are currently paying.

In addition, South Carolina is upgrading the Williams-Brice Stadium suites, as well as renovating/building club options in the stadium: the Cockaboose Club, the Horseshoe Club and Traditions Club.

The 400 level of the stadium is also being upgraded with loge suites during the 2020 Williams-Brice Stadium project.

South Carolina recently shared this video showcasing the continued work being done in Columbia to Williams-Brice Stadium.