Some rules are just silly, really.

South Carolina self-reported seven secondary violations for football, 22 total for all sports, according to the AP, from August 1, 2013 though Thursday, July 31, 2014.

The biggest news from the reported football violations is that one was, well, very interesting. The Gamecocks self-reported one infraction from last winter involving ‘impermissible iced decorations’ on cookie cakes given to prospects.

You didn’t misread that.

Another infraction involved laying out trophies to prospects to see in the locker room, as trophies aren’t allowed in locker rooms. Really. Another violation happened when one high school prospect took a picture with a former Gamecock and current NFL player. And another happened when a recruit wore an unnamed jersey onto the Gamecocks’ field and took a photo with it announcing his commitment and shared it via Twitter. The final three secondary violations came from coaches sending impermissible text messages to prospects.

I just wonder if Steve Spurrier has trained staff members for icing decorations?