Greg McElroy could not take it anymore, he had to unload on his WJOX co-host Cole Cubelic and the SEC Network crew of Tom Hart and Jordan Rodgers for eating South Carolina State Fair food during the broadcast.

It came during Saturday’s game between Texas A&M and South Carolina, and at the time the margin was within one score.

McElroy let his feelings be known on Monday morning during “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning.”

“I’m fine with you doing that if you’re on Tennessee-Martin-Tennessee,” McElroy said. “I’m not fine with you doing it in a 17-14 and I’m freaking out because my team might lose their third straight. This got me sideways. Like you can’t start eating food at a game … So Cole checks out when the O-line starts playing poorly. I’m sitting here on the edge of my seat as a South Carolina fan absolutely freaking out trying to win the Governor’s Cup or whatever the hell it’s called. Trying to win that for the first time.”

Can South Carolina and Shane Beamer hold on is what McElroy tuned in to see.

“And then I’m seeing a Bachelor contestant eat a 2 and a half foot freaking corn dog,” he said. “I’m sitting there watching Cubelic literally scarf down the most disgusting-looking piece of food I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

McElroy then recalled that Cubelic previously ate a Bloomin’ Onion on the sideline during the Outback Bowl, but McElroy gave that a pass because it was tied into the sponsor.

“We’re encouraging this world where we make it about us, the broadcasters, but not just us, but our over-indulgence as Americans to consume high-caloric content on the sidelines,” McElroy said. “You are at work. You’re supposed to be an X-O guy, you’re supposed to respect the X-O. I would rather have you break down the second step of the right guard than I would see you eat a doughnut burger on the sideline. A doughnut burger on the sideline. Have some self respect. At least eat some quinoa, at least eat an o’sae bowl, at least eat something that’s going to allow you to live beyond 52. Don’t eat a burger that has absolute doughnuts as the buns!”