South Carolina wide receiver Josh Vann and defensive back Darius Rush opened up on their podcast together about the 44-30 road loss in Week 2.

“It was one time, not to bash a coach or anything, it was third down and we called a play we haven’t went over in 3 weeks. Mind you, as a player you’re supposed to know the whole playbook so whenever something gets thrown onto you, you can know what it is so you can execute and line up fast, but at the same time, we haven’t went over it. You can’t expect at the heat of the moment for somebody to recognize on the fly to know what to do, so it was just some little mistakes, but Arkansas is behind us.”

Of the 416 total yards accounted for in the game against Arkansas, only 40 yards came from the rushing game on 29 attempts.

In Week 3, South Carolina had its second loss of the season at home to No. 1 Georgia 48-7.