By all accounts, South Carolina coach Will Muschamp and Alabama coach Nick Saban are on good terms and think highly of each other after working together at LSU and with the Miami Dolphins. But when Coach Boom saw an opportunity to poke fun at his old boss, he took advantage.

Muschamp and some of the Gamecocks recently spent a day out on the lake. Judging by the photos Muschamp shared, a good time was had by all. After tweeting the set of photos, Muschamp decided to reply to himself and troll Saban with the hashtag #HadGas.

Saban, of course, made headlines this spring when he and some of his players got stuck out on the lake in his boat. While it was assumed by many that the boat had run out of gas, Saban later explained that it was actually a problem with the fuel pump.

While technically Saban wasn’t out of gas, this is still excellent use of social media by Muschamp.