Freshman QB Luke Doty got his first extended action of the season last week in the near-comeback against Missouri, and he’s expected to be in the mix this week.

Interim coach Mike Bobo said South Carolina has decided on a quarterback, but will not announce it publicly until Saturday. But Doty met with the media on Tuesday and shared what he’s learned about adjusting to college football, and where his high-energy nature comes from.

Doty said sliding was a point of emphasis at Tuesday’s practice since his playing style is to scramble for additional yards.

“Protecting your body and making the plays you need to make when you need to make them,” Doty said. “But the main thing is just protecting your body, slide, get out of bounds. But that’s the most important thing.”

Teammates have discussed that Doty has brought a lot of energy to practice and games.

“I think I’ve always approached the game with that mindset, just to go out there and bring as much energy as I can,” Doty said. “I think it goes back to playing soccer with my dad, when my dad was a coach when I was little. He’s always start practice by just saying, ‘Have fun.’ And I think that’s definitely carried over obviously from high school, from little leagues to where I am now. Just to go out there and bring a lot of energy to the practice field no matter what’s going on, and bring a lot of energy to the game field on Saturdays. I think everybody responds well to that, and it certainly showed today. We had a really good practice and everybody was really juiced up and just ready to work.”