All fans love to claim their fan base is the rowdies bunch of faithful followers in the country but it’s one thing to judge a crowd when you are in it and another thing to judge it when the crowd is coming at you.

Considering every player in the Southeastern Conference that has made a road trip at least once in his playing career has had to deal with road fans, there may not be anyone better to ask about the impact fans have on the game. During the latest SEC Media Days, one Florida player was asked to give his opinion on the rowdiest fans in the SEC.

His answer was surprising. He said Kentucky fans.

When the Kentucky crew made their way to Hoover on Thursday to participate in the 2019 edition of SEC Media Days, Wildcat receiver Lynn Bowden was asked the same question, as well as his response to hearing one player calling Big Blue Nation the rowdiest fan base in the league.

“I think Big Blue Nation is very, very rowdy. That just comes from getting no respect,” Bowden said on Thursday. “Our fans, they love our program, they love our team — every team. Not just football or basketball, every team in our program. I think they get overexcited sometimes, but I love it. I need their energy to have my energy.”

When it comes to the fan base that Bowden believes is the rowdiest, he also gave a surprising answer.

“I think the rowdiest team’s fan base we’ve played – probably South Carolina,” Bowden answered. “My freshman year when we went down there. Things got a little chippy between us and the fans. They being at the end zone, that’s where we warm-up at, a couple of words were exchanged, but they get a little crazy, a little crazy.”

Wouldn’t you know it, South Carolina is scheduled to host Kentucky come Sept. 28. While Bowden may not have expected it before, he knows what he is getting himself into when he steps into Willy B next season.