On the day his replacement is being introduced, departing South Carolina Director of Player Development Marcus Lattimore explained why he’s stepping down from the position.

Lattimore, who held the position for two seasons, used four tweets to share an open letter on his departure from Will Muschamp’s Gamecocks program:


Your unconditional support is something I value and cherish. This SC soil is what made me, but now its time I dive in.

I’m stepping down to study trauma, travel, write, volunteer, and wherever I am, help young athletes understand themselves better.

Grateful for the opportunity that Coach Muschamp gave me. I’m also thankful for the young men in the locker room who allowed me to be a small part of their life.

Growth demands confrontation of thy self. Looking in the mirror was painful because I didn’t like what I saw. At all.

However, what you discover in return is a whole new person. A new perception of life.

Uninterested in statuses and societies unrealistic expectations. Free of judgement, only acceptance for all. A profound realization of the one thing connects us all.

The one thing that humbles you, and inspires you at the same time to do what you should.


Live your truth! And ignore the opinions of people who aren’t living their truth.

Marcus Lattimore

Lattimore posted his tweets moments before his replacement, South Carolina great Connor Shaw, was introduced in a press conference.