New South Carolina offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield is one of the key pieces to the Gamecocks puzzle this season as they look to get off on the right foot under new coach Shane Beamer.

And according to Satterfield, the players are off to a great start in terms of digesting the playbook this offseason.

“Right now, it’s amazing the amount of offense … we can’t go into the season with it because it’s not how much offense, it’s what you can execute at an elite level,” he told Mike Gillespie of ABC-Columbia. “But just the brain power that our kids (have) to have the ability to line up with these crazy worded plays and motions and shifts, and they’re just out there doing it. It’s pretty cool. It’s amazing to me to watch.”

Satterfield comes to the Gamecocks with experience as the Carolina Panthers assistant offensive line coach, two years as a head coach at Tennessee Tech and an assistant at Baylor under Matt Rhule.