Nickelodeon pulled in football fans on Sunday by airing the San Francisco 49ers win over the Dallas Cowboys. After the game an interview with Young Dylan, a 12-year-old rapper from Annapolis, Maryland, and former South Carolina star Deebo Samuel was as family friendly as you’d expect.

“Deebo Samuel, you had a crazy game, you was doing it all, 100 total yards and a touchdown,” Young Dylan said. “How does it feel being mentioned as a running back and a receiver.”

Samuel smiled, and played along with the atypical interview.

“It’s just amazing, man,” Samuel said. “I don’t second question anything Kyle (Shanahan) asks me to do. I trust him just as much as he trusts me with the ball in my hands, and I just go out here and give it my all.”

As energetic as ever, Young Dylan took the next question in stride, and posed it this way: “What was going on through your head when you knew you guys won?”

“Actually I thought I got the first down, but Kyle put the kicker out there to pin them back deep,” Samuel said. “We’ve got a lot of faith in our defense and they went out and got the job done.”

Here’s the full interview: