Many darts have been thrown at Will Muschamp during his SEC coaching career but he didn’t receive any during his recent appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show” on Thursday.

No, South Carolina’s coach was the one throwing the darts this time around.

During the show, Muschamp conveyed much the same message he had for the media during his Wednesday press conference, his players need to be okay with living a sheltered life if they want to make it through the college football season without testing positive for the coronavirus.

Muschamp even had a great analogy that Finebaum could probably relate to during his appearance on the show.

“I look back to your high school days and your college days. I can’t imagine you had many dates,” Muschamp said on the air. “Our guys need to lead their lives like Paul Finebaum did in college.”

The college football season hasn’t even started but Muschamp already had the leading contender for quote of the year with that line.

You can view a video of the clip from Muschamp here.