There’s been a growing concern among South Carolina baseball fans at Founders Park that they are being limited in what they can say at games, particularly toward the opposing team. Now Athletics Director Ray Tanner has issued a statement to clarify the school’s stance.

For example, one fan on Saturday tweeted that 18 students were ejected from the game, but Charles Bloom, Executive Associate Athletics Director at South Carolina, replied, “There were no ejections reported to our staff during today’s baseball game.”

Another image circulating on social media came from a fan, who said they were ejected for a “code of conduct” violation for, “yelling that the umpire needed glasses.” The fan said the ejection came because officials said the fan was not, “supporting the officials in a positive manner.”

At issue is how far Gamecock fans can take the issue of heckling without crossing the line and violating the “family atmosphere” that administrators hope to foster.

“I’ve had a discussion with my staff,” Tanner wrote in a statement. “Everyone understands that we want Founders Park to have a home field advantage with a family atmosphere. Nobody will be removed for appropriate heckling. (Don’t get profane/vulgar). Let’s have some fun tomorrow and win the series over Mizzou.”