Costco this summer has gotten into the business of selling season tickets for college football programs, and the latest example hails from the SEC East.

Two tickets for South Carolina home games are going for $89.99, which is described as 40 percent off. The price is similar to the other college football tickets Costco is selling online with two tickets for Rutgers games going for $99.99, 2 for Louisville for $69.99 and 2 for Fresno State at $74.99.

It’s unclear the strategy from Costco as those programs all come from different conferences and regions of the country.

Depending on your perspective, this is either a brilliant marketing strategy, or a desperate move to fill the stadium as the season is coming next month.

Some college football observers have raised warning signs about sagging ticket sales and attendance numbers in recent years. The combination of the popularity of large screen televisions, the cost of parking and concessions and the overall stadium experience has cause some fans to choose to stay home.

This is an idea that will be worth monitoring in future years to see if any of these programs get traction with this ticket sales model.