Shane Beamer apologized for his reaction to an on-field ceremony on Saturday during the Georgia game to honor the anniversary of Title IX.

At the beginning of the second quarter, dozens of female athletes at South Carolina slowly made their way off the field. At that moment, the Gamecocks were in formation for a fourth down play, and Beamer was visibly frustrated that the game was delayed because the student-athletes were making their way off the field.

“I apologize to anyone that I offended,” Beamer said Sunday during his media teleconference.

Jyllissa Harris, a women’s soccer player, shared on social media that the ceremony should have been done differently.

“All female student athletes were ~asked~ to come to the game to recognize 50 years of Title IX,” she wrote. “We were on the field for maybe 15 seconds then screamed at to get off. If you want to honor female student athletes, then do that, not this.