Shane Beamer took a long-term view of the South Carolina situation as the Gamecocks are 2-2 out of the gate, and questions from fans and media suggest an ominous view of the program.

Beamer at his weekly Tuesday press conference that he’s not happy with the performance from the Kentucky game in all 3 phases, but maintained where the Gamecocks stand at this point.

“Coaching certainly has to be better, but the real travesty in this whole situation would be if we didn’t get better as a football team. We are 2-2-, it is still September, the sky is not falling,” Beamer said. “We have to play better, we have to coach better. We’ve lost to 2 undefeated teams that are good, veteran football teams and we’ve got a great opportunity this week to bounce back. We’ve got a bunch of fighters on our football team that are staying together.”

Beamer against made a “doom and gloom” reference like he did after the Luke Doty injury, and added this time that he doesn’t care about the attitude outside of the building. Beamer added that the guys in the building, “know we’ve got a good football team and are excited to go play on Saturday.”