Shane Beamer admits that the performance on Saturday night at Texas A&M was not very good with “way too much bad to beat a good football. It was unacceptable the way we played.”

On the Sunday evening media teleconference, Beamer was asked if he had any thoughts about shaking up the play calling? “No thought of that,” he said.

A follow-up question was about Beamer’s confidence level in Marcus Satterfield as offensive coordinator.

“My confidence level is fine with all of our coaches,” Beamer said. “We’re 4-4, we didn’t play well last night. … We’ve got to have a sense of urgency in getting better.”

The questions came after the Gamecocks were in negative yardage rushing for much of the Texas A&M game, which ended with a 44-14 final score.

At halftime, South Carolina had negative 10 rushing yards, just 21 passing yards and were 0-for-6 on third down. Then the Gamecocks entered the fourth quarter with negative-15 yards rushing.

H/T SportsTalkSC and Ben Portnoy.