Shane Beamer and the South Carolina Gamecocks were absolutely steamrolled by the Georgia Bulldogs in Athens on Saturday night.

The Bulldogs’ defense was once again dominant in Georgia’s 40-13 victory over its SEC East foe.

After the game, Beamer didn’t pull any punches when discussing what makes Georgia’s defense so great. Check out his hilarious exasperated rant below:

“Uh, they’ve got like 100 5-star football players on their defense,” Beamer said. “They have a defensive lineman that weighs 340 pounds and runs better than anybody on this call. They’ve got 5-star defensive backs. They’re big, physical and fast. Other than that, they’re really freakin’ good. That’s why they’ve got the top defense in the country. They’re hard to run the football on. There wasn’t some magical scheme they came out with tonight. They’ve got 5-star recruits everywhere and they play really physical.”

We have a feeling Beamer won’t be the only one with this reaction after playing Georgia’s stout defense this year.