Not only is South Carolina getting a veteran offensive line coach in Greg Adkins, the Gamecocks are getting a “hellacious recruiter” according to Shane Beamer.

That’s the term the first-year South Carolina coach used on Wednesday when he introduced the program’s new offensive line coach.

Here is what Beamer had to say when asked why he referred to Adkins as a “hellacious recruiter” during the press conference.

“No. 1, he’s a great person, that’s what it is,” Beamer said. “Recruiting is knowledge and credibility and when you talk about someone that has the track record he has as far as a coach at the pro level, as well as the college level, the players he’s coached and the way his players talk about him, that make an immediate impact when you start researching him as a prospect.

“He’s a great guy, first and foremost and easy to get along with, very personable. You got to love recruiting and when I was at Tennessee with him, it was very very obvious how he loved recruiting. A lot of coaches say they enjoy recruiting and all this, but they don’t. It’s pretty obvious with him, he’s passionate about it and you see that with the guys that he’s been able to recruit, the lines he’s been able to develop. So to me, those are the biggest things. Just the work ethic, he’s passionate about it and knows what he’s looking for and does a fantastic job of going and getting it.”

Here is an updated look at South Carolina’s 2021 coaching staff:

  • Marcus Satterfield, Offensive coordinator/QBs coach
  • Clayton White, Defensive coordinator
  • Greg Adkins, Offensive Line Coach
  • Torrian Gray, Defensive Backs Coach
  • Erik Kimrey, Tight Ends Coach
  • Des Kitchings, Running Backs Coach
  • Pete Lembo, Associate Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator
  • Jimmy Lindsey, Defensive Line Coach
  • Mike Peterson, Outside Linebackers/Defensive Ends Coach
  • Justin Stepp, Wide Receivers Coach