Shane Beamer did not hold back in his assessment of the Georgia roster, and described it as likely the best that’s ever been assembled in Athens.

“He may have, probably does have the most talented football team in the history of Georgia football,” Beamer said at his weekly Tuesday press conference. “That’s not an embellishment, or coach speak and all of that. When you look at from top to bottom, the 11 that start on offense, the 11 that start on defense, all of their special teams units. The depth they have. The size, the physicality, the speed they have.”

Beamer recalled his time coaching at Georgia, and being on the national championship staff, but he said this roster is different.

“When you just look at their starters on all 3 phases, and then you just look at the backups,” Beamer said. “I don’t know of a more talented to play, ever, at Georgia when you look at that.”

Beamer also noted a key stat, that Georgia has forced 18 punts so far this season against Clemson and UAB.