Shane Beamer is an easy connection as a possible candidate for the now open Virginia Tech job.

Given his father’s history as a legendary coach there, and his own time there as an assistant and a graduate from the school, there’s a lot of history and emotion there for the South Carolina coach. Beamer said he certainly hates to see someone like Justin Fuente lose their job.

“Obviously I love Virginia Tech, I moved there when I was 10-years old,” Beamer said at his Tuesday press conference. “I went to high school there, I went to college there. I coached there, my parents still live there. So I have special memories of my time in Blacksburg and that’ll always be special to me, but this is where I want to be. When I said this was my dream job, I wasn’t just saying that to make it sound cool in a press conference or to get the job.”

Beamer added that Columbia is where he and his wife and his family want to be.

“We didn’t put that sign up over there at Williams-Brice Stadium that said ‘Welcome Home’ because it was trendy, this is home for me,” Beamer said. “I want to be the head football coach here at South Carolina. I love working for Ray Tanner and Chance Miller. They are fantastic and we have an amazing relationship. I love this state, I want to live in this state. I love this city, I want to live in this city.”

Beamer added that he wants his son, Hunter, who is in second grade, to graduate high school in Columbia.

“This is where I want to be,” he said. “We’re just getting started. Recruiting is going amazingly well, there’s a lot of energy about this program right and there’s a lot of excitement about this program right now. My goal is to bring an SEC championship here to Columbia and we’re just in the beginning stages.”