Shane Beamer was in the middle of a perfect atmosphere on Saturday night during the win over Florida. A host of recruits were in Williams-Brice Stadium, the fans were loud and into the game, and players enjoyed it.

Even defensive coordinator Clayton White said on the headsets to the other coaches, “This is why we came to South Carolina.” Beamer recalled the moment during an appearance on “SEC This Morning” on the SEC Network on Monday.

“It was perfect, the stadium was rocking, we had a great environment, we had a ton of recruits that were sitting in the stands that got to see that up close and personal,” he said. “Happy for our players, just the joy on their faces, throughout the game, and was fun to see. And then our fans, they’ve been through a lot the last few seasons, and to see an environment like that in Columbia rocking was awesome, well deserved for everyone, and it’s just the start. We’re Year 1, recruiting’s going great, we’ve got great young men in this program.”

Beamer recalled a lot of moments similar to Saturday during the Steve Spurrier golden years of the program.

“We’re going to have a lot more of those moments coming soon as well,” Beamer said. “You work so hard 353 days of the year for 12 opportunities on Saturday, and we’re going to celebrate every win, and just so happy for our kids.”

Beamer appreciated the way they worked coming off a bad showing against Texas A&M, and he said the Gamecocks had the best and most spirited practices they had all season.