Shane Beamer took part in one of the great annual developments in college football: The scholarship reveal.

During a recent team meeting, Beamer shared how Payton Mangrum, a wide receiver, is now on scholarship.

“This is just a great example, guys, of just continuing to work,” Beamer said. “Being able to take practice to the game. Making plays in practice and then it becomes second nature. Just continue to work and get better and improve on that 1%. Because that’s what Payton Mangrum continues to do. He continues to work. But 1 thing you will not continue to do is pay for your education.”

With that, the room full of players burst out of their seats, and immediately mobbed Mangrum, who had a wide smile on his face.

Mangrum can play all 3 wide receiver positions, also appears on special teams, and has appeared in 14 games over the past 2 seasons.