Shane Beamer knew he had a tall order this week against Tennessee even leading up to last week’s South Carolina game against Troy. Then Tennessee walloped Missouri, 62-24, on the road.

During an appearance on Sirius XM College, Beamer offered his honest reaction.

“I was nervous enough last week before we got ready to play Troy,” Beamer said. “Tennessee played at noon, so I saw the score before our game, and was like ‘Oh boy.’ Let’s see if we can win this one and then obviously they were clicking on all cylinders last Saturday against Missouri.”

Beamer added that Tennessee is improving, and the defense is stopping teams, including a good offense in Missouri. Beamer again recalled that while Tennessee wants to go fast offensively, the Vols are comfortable doing it running the ball, “down your throat.” He also noted that Tennessee leads the SEC in first downs.

Beamer also said running for as many yards, and scoring as many points is rarely done against an SEC team.