Shane Beamer often fields question about his dad and how Frank Beamer instilled some of the coaching styles he uses today. But the South Carolina coach recently shared the best advice the former Virginia Tech coach gave him.

“Don’t act special and people will treat you special,” Beamer said. “In other words, just always treat people the right way, and don’t let success ever change you, which I saw him live that first hand my entire life. And then just don’t get too high and don’t get too low. Reality is somewhere in the middle, so great win, you can’t be sky high, bad loss, you can’t be down there rock bottom. Just trying to maintain that consistent even keel that is something that has really resonated with me.”

Beamer has joked about his father being around the South Carolina facility, and getting him a sideline pass for games. He also shared with Paul Finebaum last month a hilarious story about getting his driver’s license.