Former offensive coordinator and interim coach Mike Bobo’s departure from South Carolina to join the Auburn staff was an interesting and unique development. He had already signed on and agreed to join Shane Beamer’s staff and the contract was approved by the Board of Trustees.

Beamer at a Monday press conference said he had good conversations with Bobo the day he arrived in Columbia. But Bobo made Beamer aware last Tuesday night that Auburn had reached out to Bobo and had an “interest in visiting.”

Beamer said they talked Tuesday night, they met Wednesday night in Beamer’s office.

“He kind of expressed where he was coming from, with his thinking in regards to Auburn at that point,” Beamer said. “I listened as the head football coach at South Carolina and in the end, he did what he felt was best for he and his family. As the head football coach at South Carolina, my job is to do what I feel is best for the University of South Carolina football program today and going forward in the future, wish him well. Have nothing but — we wish him well.”