Shane Beamer briefly coached alongside Mike Bobo before the offensive coordinator and former interim coach at South Carolina left for the same position at Auburn.

Beamer was asked at his Tuesday press conference if his familiarity with Bobo could help the Gamecocks this week.

“Every team is different,” he said. “I know what Mike’s about, not just from his time here, but when he was at Georgia as the offensive coordinator, and I was here as an assistant coach here on defense. You know what he’s about, you know what he believes in, and certainly he’s working for an offensive head coach whose background is offense as well, so it’s a great blend of Boise and Mike Bobo’s stuff as well. Mike’s a great coach and at the end of the day, though, it gets down to players on the field, and our 11 and their 11 executing at high levels.”

Beamer called it a wash, because Bobo knows a lot of South Carolina’s personnel from coaching the players last year.

“Probably not a whole lot of stock you can put into it,” he said.

Beamer said he didn’t bring up in meetings the fact South Carolina won last year in Columbia against Auburn, and hasn’t brought up other opponents from last year, either.