South Carolina has a tough task ahead of it as it travels to Athens to take on Georgia on Saturday.

Shane Beamer’s Gamecocks will be massive underdogs against a Bulldogs team that has yet to yield an offensive touchdown thus far this season. But will Luke Doty or Zeb Noland be the Gamecocks’ starting quarterback between the hedges?

That was the big question during Beamer’s weekly radio show on Thursday, and according to the 1st-year head coach, it appears that Doty will play, his first appearance since a foot injury suffered just weeks before the season.

Beamer, however, cautioned that plenty could change between now and Saturday that would put Noland back in line for a 3rd straight start.

“I don’t come up here & just make up stuff about Luke,” Beamer said, according to WACH sports anchor Mike Uva. “Luke is not sore today. Now does that mean he wakes up tomorrow & isn’t sore? I don’t know.”

Kickoff between the Gamecocks and Bulldogs at Sanford Stadium is set for 7 p.m. ET on ESPN.