Shane Beamer is no stranger to criticism, especially in his own home.

Beamer found out about his son’s Halloween parade recently and wondered why his family didn’t tell him about it.

His wife figured Beamer would be working, but then his son chimed in and said it was because the South Carolina head coach was 2-6 and needed to be in the office.

It looks like Beamer can’t escape criticism even in the comforts of his own home.

“I can take criticism because I get it from own family. I facetime my wife and kids every day. Today they were telling me that my son, Hunter, has a Halloween parade at his school,” said Beamer at Tuesday’s presser. “I was there for it last year, because it was on a Monday. My wife was telling me that he had that today and I said, ‘Why didn’t you guys tell me about it?’ My son said it’s because you’re 2-6 and need to be in the office working. Please don’t think I can’t take criticism because I get it worse at home.”

Beamer may not make it to the Halloween parade this year based on his son’s incredible remark.

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