South Carolina announced big improvements coming to Williams-Brice Stadium for the 2022 season.

The South Carolina athletic department announced that the Board of Trustees signed off on a series of improvements, including a west main concourse expansion, new elevators. South Carolina says that new ribbon boards throughout the stadium bowl and the addition of LED stadium lights are also coming to Williams-Brice Stadium by the start of the 2022 season.

“We have a great home for football, but there are things that can be done to help modernize the stadium to create more excitement and a better fan experience,” Athletics Director Ray Tanner said via the school release. “We have ambitious goals, and we’re thankful that our Board is supportive of our initiatives so we can get started quickly. When you consider we just did the largest stadium renovation ever in 2020 and now we are tackling ribbon boards, stadium lights, concourse expansion and new elevators, it’s starting to make a big difference.”

The west main concourse is a $2.3 million dollar project that will be completed in 2022. South Carolina a 5,000 square foot, patio the most significant addition to the west concourse. The announcement states that the patio will expand the concourse behind the current elevators and west towards Gamecock Park “to provide a fun, outdoor space for fans to enjoy.” The announcement notes that, in addition, “two 1,000 square foot pads will be added over the switchback ramps to add valuable concourse space and allow for the relocation of existing concession spaces to improve traffic flow.”

“This expansion is a great start; we cannot address the issues with servicing our fans without getting this first phase approved. There is certainly more work to be done, but we have a long-term vision and are excited about how this project expands a critical footprint in our stadium,” Executive Associate Athletics Director Steve Eigenbrot said via the release. “We understand that without more square footage, we can’t start to service all the fans in our home stands and now, we’ve got almost 7,000 additional square feet to work with when we come back and make wide spanning improvements to our restrooms and concessions stands.”

The last part of the expansion will be adding two more elevators to the stadium. The elevators will give access to the 200 and 600 levels of seating as well as the press box and will cost $2.4 million dollars to complete. South Carolina says the new elevators “will relieve existing strain on a three-elevator bank that services both coaching staffs, media and other guests to the press box, as well as fans sitting in the 200 and 600 levels.”