South Carolina super fan Chris Phillips, who is host of “The Spurs Up Show” has thrown the challenge out to the Gamecocks for the 2022 season.

And if they can meet his request, Phillips will make a life-changing decision.

“If Carolina wins 10 games this season,” Phillips said. “I don’t care if its with a bowl win, without a bowl win…I will get ‘Beamer Ball’ tattooed on my ass cheek, without hesitation. Nothing would bring me more joy than to have to do that. So you have my word. … I’m confident in saying that, and you know what, God, that would be the greatest day of my entire life.”

South Carolina surpassed expectations in Shane Beamer’s first season, going 7-6 with a win over North Carolina in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl. The Gamecocks are picked by SEC writers to finish fifth in the SEC East this season, but Beamer is ready to use that slight as bulletin board material for his squad.

The Gamecocks have won 10 or more games three times since joining the SEC in 1992. All three seasons came under former coach Steve Spurrier, who record three consecutive 11-2 seasons from 2011-13.