The rumors began to swirl Monday afternoon, but by the evening, it was full on overreaction. South Carolina fans are still processing the reported news of an injury to Jake Bentley, which would cause freshman backup Ryan Hilinski to start this week.

While the immediate reaction following the disappointing loss to North Carolina was wholesale personnel changes, if not coaching moves, the Bentley injury news has taken on another element. Some have moved to thank the veteran QB for a solid career, while others have lectured other fans about how Bentley felt about the loss and how he’s carried himself as a student-athlete.

Some fans called for a change in starting quarterback long before the injury news was even rumored.

Bentley, while a veteran presence and leader on the team, has come under criticism for his turnovers, including leading the SEC in interceptions last season. He’s received boos at Williams-Brice Stadium and struggled in the red zone. He acknowledged the shortcomings in regards to turnovers in the offseason and made it a point to improve.

It will be interesting to see how Hilinski performs and is received by fans this week against Charleston Southern, and next week against Alabama, and beyond.

Here’s a sampling of some fan and media reaction: