South Carolina’s offense had loads of problems on offense against Vanderbilt with 4 turnovers by midway through the fourth quarter.

That didn’t include a Luke Doty play near the end of the first half when it appeared to be a fumble, then was reviewed, and ultimately ruled intentional grounding. While Jaheim Bell had a huge touchdown early in the game, he fumbled in the second half, to help setup another Vanderbilt touchdown. The Commodores also scored twice off those turnovers.

Offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield has faced criticism for much of the season, but it may reach a boiling point after this performance. The Gamecocks were 5-for-12 on third down and fourth down, but one memorable sequence may be remembered for a long time for all the wrong reasons.

Coach Shane Beamer and Satterfield elected to go for it on fourth down in the first half, instead of kicking a field goal from the Vanderbilt 13-yard line with 6:12 remaining in the first half.