The Gamecocks have updated their official roster and several players have changed jersey numbers in Columbia.

In addition to players being assigned new numbers, several newcomers have been given their first jersey numbers in Columbia.

Here is a rundown of each.

Updated jersey numbers for South Carolina:

  • No. 0 Jaheim Bell, TE
  • No. 0 Debo Williams, LB
  • No. 1 Kingsley Enagbare, EDGE
  • No. 3 Jalen Brooks, WR
  • No. 5 Rick Sandidge, DT
  • No. 12 Jaylan Foster, DB
  • No. 13 Gilber Edmond, EDGE
  • No. 23 Rashad Amos, RB
  • No. 33 Sam Reynolds, WR
  • No. 53 Vershon Lee, OL

First jersey numbers for newcomers:

  • No. 17 La’Dareyen Craig, DB high school signee
  • No. 20 Tyrese Ross, DB transfer (Washington State)
  • No. 21 Carlins Platel, DB transfer (Assumption University)
  • No. 21 Juju McDowell, RB high school signee
  • No. 22 Bam Martin-Scott, LB junior college transfer (Dodge City C.C.)
  • No. 31 O’Mega Blake, WR high school signee
  • No. 33 Kolbe Fields, LB high school signee
  • No. 64 JonDarius Morgan, OL high school signee
  • No. 90 T.J. Sanders, DL high school signee