When sports analysts and media members comment on politics, they are often told to “stick to sports.”

Now, perhaps it is time to tell politicians to stick to politics, as South Carolina governor Henry McMaster took to Twitter on Saturday to demand an apology from Mizzou and the SEC over Mizzou AD Jim Sterk’s recent comments about South Carolina women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley fostering a hostile environment during a game earlier this month.

As you can see below, McMaster made his strong statement via Twitter, calling Staley a “GOLD MEDAL role model” and offering his support:


To be open and fair, I’m a Mizzou graduate, and I think Sterk should issue an apology for his comments, but getting a governor involved is ridiculous.

One would think there must be something more important McMaster can be doing with his time, but apparently not.

To continue being fair, I’ll point out that we shouldn’t be expecting a response from Missouri governor Eric Greitens, who is dealing with his own, more significant problems at the moment.