The South Carolina Gamecocks have ended a corporate sponsorship with CPI Security after insensitive comments made by CEO Ken Gill in response to Jorge Millares, the executive director of Queen City Unity.

Per ESPN, Gill challenged statistics Millares included in an open letter calling for change in local police departments:

“Please spend your time in a more productive way. I challenge your statistics,” Gill wrote in his emailed reply to Millares, a screenshot of which was posted to the organization’s website. “A better use of time, would be to focus on the black on black crime and senseless killing of our young men by other young men.”

Here are the statements from South Carolina and NC State, both of whom cut ties with CPI Security following Gill’s email:

In the NFL, the Carolina Panthers also cut ties with CPI Security in the aftermath of the statements:

Gill issued an apology on Saturday, saying he wants to help end racism in the community: